Hazardous Air Cargo

Transportation of hazardous air cargo (also known as dangerous goods) is twice as complicated as the transportation of normal cargo due to the extra preparation and additional documentation that is required. Sovair Charter offers its services to make this tedious process a lot more manageable.

An item is classified as Dangerous goods if it is able to damage the aircraft during air transportation, damage airport storage facilities during storage, burn, explode, corrode, cause physical grievances to persons as well as animals by burning, exploding, biohazard, evaporating into breathable air and radiation. If such cargo is present then it is classified as “Dangerous Goods” under UN regulations and any other local regulations. Transporting such cargo by air is regulated by ICAO Technical Instructions (you can find more details at ICAO website).

According to ICAO Technical instructions a permission can be issued to transport dangerous goods if the following requirements are satisfied:

  • Cargo classification has been made, packing type group has been determined and a UN number issued.
  • Cargo has been properly listed and described in the Declaration by the Sender of Dangerous Goods and accompanying documents attached.
  • Cargo has been properly packed as described in ICAO Technical Instructions.
  • Cargo has been marked and clearly identified that it is dangerous goods by corresponding warning signs.
  • Cargo and packaging has to be in good condition as stated in ICAO Technical Instructions.
  • ICAO Technical Instructions checked for any new additions or changes in regulations.

Dangerous goods can also refer to vehicles that are transported by air abiding by very strict rules and requirements, that are: signed declaration by entity that has certificate to carry/transport dangerous goods, power of attorney from Sender, before-during-after the transportation the vehicle should have no more than ¼ level of fuel in the fuel tank, disconnected battery and bare wire connections isolated.

When choosing between companies that offer to transport dangerous goods it is very important to check whether they have all required licences to carry out such transport operations.

Our aircrafts are allowed to carry Dangerous Goods and our crew all have Dangerous Goods Certificates. Our Operations staff also hold a Dangerous Goods Level 6 certificate.

Hazardous Air Cargo is one of our specialities.