Cargo Charter

The aircraft in our use are capable of cargo charter flights. The various aircraft that we operate has been included in a list below with their maximum payload included. The aircraft available to us are chosen and offered to you according to your specific needs and requirements at competitive prices. The following types of aircraft are operated by SOVAIR and we are able to meet your cargo charter requirements:

  • IL-76 payload up to 45 tons – 3650 km load range, 2700 meters runway required
  • AN-12 payload up to 18 tons – 2100 km load range, 1800 meters runway required
  • AN-72 payload up to 10 tons - 2000 km load range, 1500 meters runway required
  • AN-124 payload up to 120 tons – 4500 km load range, 3300 meters runway required
  • AN-26 payload up to 6.5 tons – 1240 km load range, 1800 meters runway required
  • AN-28 payload up to 2.8 tons – 600 km load range with exceptionally short take-off and landing capability of 600 meters
  • Boeing 727 Super 27F payload up to 28 tons
  • Airbus A310F payload up to 42 tons
Cargo Charter Cargo Charter