Animal Air Transport

Animal Air Transport is transport of livestock like cows, sheep, pigs, wild animals etc by air using aircraft. There are not many companies who are willing or can do animal air transport due to the problems and specifics of such operations. When doing animal air transport your aircraft have to be equipped with auxiliary equipment to handle animals inside its cargo hold.

Equipment like cages and dividers so that animals stay in one place and do not get injured in the loading and offloading process. Nets, waste storage and disposal have to be installed or be part of the cages. The aircraft cargo hold has to be pressurised and well ventilated. Transporting animals also takes its toll on the aircraft because spillage of waste corrodes and contaminates the hull and the aircraft has to be thoroughly cleaned afterward every animal transport flight. Sovair Charter offers its services to customers who require animal air transport. We provide the best solution to your needs.

We have experience and knowledge of animal air transport operations and we know how to obtain equipment and we have the correct aircraft.
When doing animal airport transport operations we ensure that we work closely with the agents making the penning systems and the animal trainers or vets. We are in constant communication regarding the timing and we always look at optimum loading and offloading times for the animals safety as well as working together regarding temperature and operational requirements. We understand the documentation process and
we are aware of delays in this process and always try to accommodate the client.