About Us

SOVAIR is an aviation cargo charter company established eight years ago, specialising in flying air cargo across and throughout Africa, to and from the Middle East, and on occasions to and from Africa and Europe, the Far East and South America, strictly on an ad-hoc charter basis utilizing aircraft on lease from some of the top first class air operators in Russia and other former Soviet era countries. The aircraft that we lease and utilize in this fashion are expertly maintained and serviced according to the pertinent Design Bureau prescriptions and carry their official approvals, are insured and carry EU prescribed minimum European insurance requirements and resultantly are permitted to fly into many European countries.

Our headquarters are conveniently based in Johannesburg, South Africa and our dedicated personnel share a wealth of experience in the aviation industry and the contingencies and experience of flying in cargo charter especially in Africa.


Our speciality is to fly heavy and outsized cargo for the manufacturing, mining, automotive, marine, oil etc industries, using predominantly Soviet era aircraft capable of servicing remote locations and runways and over routes that major airlines tend to avoid. We are equally conversant and experienced flying humanitarian relief cargo and assistance to disaster areas across the globe.

Having established our company as a reliable and on time charter operator we service many major airline carriers to consolidate their freight to and from various cargo hubs in Africa. In our air cargo charter operations we have endeared ourselves to various leading major international cargo airlines and charter agents who rely on our services and intimate knowledge of Africa, to fly their cargo. We would be happy to provide contactable references from these different companies.

Sovair is a hands-on air charter company, taking care of client’s cargo from point of loading to delivery at the destination, continuously keeping our clients informed about progress along the route. We operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, at the disposal of our clients.

We are experts at arranging and conducting cargo charter flights to destinations that airlines avoid, to parts of the world that is difficult to reach requiring specialised planning and arrangements, making standard and normal cargo charter flights a mere formality.

Over time SOVAIR (full company name Soviet Air Charter Pty Ltd) has distinguished itself as the leading and most experienced transporter of livestock and agricultural products in Africa, abiding by correct protocols and IATA requirements. We have also flown thousands of tons of fresh produce to markets across the world.

We can arrange ad-hoc flights and more extensive charter programs, and are willing to consider turn-key operations based in your area dedicated to serve your needs and requirements.


Fixed Wing

SOVAIR manages and operates on lease the following aircraft in our readily available fleet:

  • IL-76 payload up to 45 tons – 3650 km load range, 2700 meters runway required
  • AN-12 payload up to 18 tons – 2100 km load range, 1800 meters runway required
  • AN-72 payload up to 10 tons - 2000 km load range, 1500 meters runway required

Equally we have ready access through our close associates to also provide flights and use of the following aircraft:

  • AN-26 payload up to 6.5 tons – 1240 km load range, 1800 meters runway required
  • AN-28 payload up to 2.8 tons – 600 km load range with exceptionally short take-off and landing capability of 600 meters
  • Boeing 727 Super 27F payload up to 28 tons
  • Airbus A310F payload up to 42 tons

We also have strategic alliances and co-operation agreements with owners of the following cargo aircraft to represent, provide and manage their services:

  • AN-124 payload up to 150 tons – 4500 km load range, 3300 meters runway required